Dec 2, 2020: Package

Yesterday I took in some packages for a neighbour. Because the guy saw me through the window and I couldn’t hide.

Today, he turned up again with more packages for the same neighbour.

She hadn’t even been for the first lot yet. I mean for chuff’s sake.

I heard a knock at the door as I was faffing around in the kitchen. I only answered because I was expecting an Amazon delivery (by the way, they’re absolutely taking the piss because everything is coming way earlier than they said it would, but when I want a new Xbox they take a day longer), and it was him. I know it was him because he went, “Hey, it’s me again!”

Sometimes I find myself in situations where I feel it would be wrong to roll my eyes. Sometimes I do it anyway. I once did it at a work meal out (maybe for Christmas, can’t really remember) and one of the girls I worked with saw me do it and had a proper go at me for it, which… you know…. led to an eye roll again. It’s a vicious circle. I was rolling my eyes, incidentally, because as with anything that my old office used to try and organise, it was all wrong and everyone had to complain about it and move furniture around and I just wanted to eat some food and go home.

Anyway, I forced myself not to roll my eyes this time. As I took in three more parcels.


To add to the two from yesterday.

There was more of our neighbour’s shit in our house than our own stuff. Bloody ridiculous. And slightly annoying that no effort had been made to come and get any of it yesterday or even this morning.

When Carole got home from work she commented on the fact that I’d done a bit of pre-Christmas decorating prep – tidying, moving furniture and the like – and I said I had to to make room for all of the deliveries that weren’t ours.

And then she didn’t even come and get them tonight. She text our immediate neighbour to ask her to ask us if we had “a” package for her, and then we took them all next door to give to her. It’s a very strange carry on – more strange when you consider that our immediate neighbour is going out less than I do, and is more often than not in her dressing gown for most of the day, and the guy knocked on her door before he got to us and yet no bloody answer.

Anyway, at least it’s all gone now. And with the moves I made this morning and the lack of hundreds of parcels, the front room feels massive.

Just the right sort of space to put a Christmas tree that a small cat will absolutely trash…