Dec 4, 2020: Here’s To You, Penny Robinson

A few weeks ago, Carole asked how much sense it would make to jump into Star Trek Discovery at season 3, so that we could watch it together. I put her off this, saying it would make a lot more sense to watch it from the beginning, and that we would do that at some point (and I would rewatch two seasons, I guess) but that if she wanted to watch something to scratch her sci-fi itch she could always dabble with Lost In Space. I’d watched the first season but would happily watch it again, and I had only watched the first episode of season 2, so it kind of made sense.

Carole’s now hooked on Lost In Space.

When I first watched it, I watched episode one of the first season and liked it. And then I didn’t watch any for ages and the aggressive emails from Netflix came telling me not to forget it. And then I binged the other nine in like a day or so. I was still in the waiting stage of season two. I’d done one episode and liked it, but tradition states I should wait to watch the rest and then just blast through them.

We’re kind of doing that now.

But instead of just watching them while I make bread and then end up staying in the kitchen way longer than is necessary just so I can finish the episode, I’m watching them on the couch with Carole shouting, “You bitch!” at Doctor Smith.

A lot.

Or gasping.

Or saying how much she really likes Will Robinson.

Or asking if the robot’s going to be alright.

It’s mainly the bitch thing and the robot stuff.

During the first series it was a combination of that, for a couple of episodes. I honestly don’t know if she knew which way to turn, so many things were going through her mind.

The second series has a lot of commentary about how much more grown up Will is. And just the smallest, almost imperceptible amount of fan-girling over Don West. I’m probably not supposed to have noticed that she sits up a bit straighter when he’s onscreen or how she worries about the scrapes Don gets into far more than the almost weekly disaster which befalls John Robinson.

Honestly, there was one episode where nothing happened to John, so they made up for it by having him trapped in a mine, and then falling down the mine shaft, and there was nary a peep. Don gets a bit floppy after some seaweed and it’s almost all I could do to stop her googling his symptoms to try and find a way to help him.

And anyway, everyone knows that Penny is the best Robinson on the whole damn ship.

Tonight we watched four episodes, just a causal sit down and pop on Netflix kind of night.

A lot happened. An awful lot.

“These episodes are so quick,” she says, at the end of the last one we watched. She’s watching to see if I click the next episode button or take us back to the homepage. I’m cutting her off, despite her protestations. She doesn’t have “one more in her”. It’s four hours since we started watching “just one episode”.

There’s no way Carole can survive, outside of a duvet, at this hour of night.

Even if she really needs to know what’s happening to Don…