Dec 5, 2020: Trimmings

We put Christmas up yesterday. It was the first day we had chance to do it, and we’d vowed not to buy into this “put your Christmas stuff up in November because 2020 has been shit” thing that a lot of the internet seems to be in favour of because it’s a) a ball ache, b) tinsel is a fricking dust magnet and c) once it’s up it renders half your room off limits to anything else because it’s all festive. We’ve lost the tops of units and stuff to lights and tinsel and whatever else. Bugger that sort of thing for two months.

We had just finished putting the tree togther – which is to say, all the branches from the box into their colour-coded holes – before Peppa climbed on in to it.

A great bloody start.

And quite a disheartening one too. This year we don’t even get to put the tree up before the bloody cat has trashed it. To be fair, where we put it provides Peppa with two levels of access to the branches of the tree.

So there’s only one thing for it, then.

No, not take the tree down and get a smaller one. Or not bother at all. None of that. No, instead of that we decided to thwart the cat another way. By moving the entire contents of the front room around and creating an area with no access to the tree for cats.

Which we have done.

It took bloody ages and was, frankly, a nightmare of untidy, unorganised chaos.

I hate that sort of thing.

I don’t mind rearranging if there’s a clear cut end to it, but we just seemed to be moving stuff from one place to another and then leaving it. Nothing was getting sorted and with however many boxes of Christmas stuff dotted around the room as well it was something of a nightmare. I hated it. I really don’t like stuff like that. I, I think, am unable to live in the moment of untidiness. I can’t just view it as a work in progress. I can picture the end goal in my mind, and if we’re not there then I am unsettled by it. It’s not OCD by any means, because I am untidy in my day-to-day life and am fine with stuff like that, but it’s something that definitely lives in the same street.

I didn’t enjoy it.

But having said that, Christmas is now up and Peppa has – as yet – not trashed the tree.

And the room seems to work a bit better this way round, maybe. I don’t know. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.

I mean, if it does, then it makes things easier when we take Christmas down because it’s just a case of doing that and moving zero pieces of furniture. If we decide to go back to how it was then we have to do what we did today, but in reverse.

And that way is not a good way for me.

But for now, peace and harmony has returned.

Until Peppa find a way into the tree.