Dec 7, 2020: Charterstoning

We’re back on Charterstone, again. Daniel, Carole and myself, playing through the campaign again for the third or fourth time now. We’ve each chosen different characters, so that we are not advantaged in knowing what’s coming out of which crates or whatever, even though we do kind of know what’s coming by now.

Although having said that, we’ve already busted out some Peril in game one or two. We’ve never had it this early in the proceedings before. When Carole and I played the tabletop version of the game we never even unlocked Peril, it had to be unlocked by the game itself in one of the later chapters. Somehow we skirted round the issue entirely.

But here we are, ready to throw down some odd little cubes almost from the word go.

It’s unheard of.

There are a few issues, though, with the game this time round.

I’ve opted to play as the yellow character, which is what Daniel was playing as last time. We played on a remote share play access whatever doohicky. So I have the game. Daniel can remotely join in. We share the mouse cursor. It’s not an ideal set up as no-one can browse their cards on their own time or anything, but it works for us.

Unless you’ve chosen the character that another player was using the time before.

Because then what happens is he just takes over when the turns move round to the yellow end. of things. You sit here planning a move and all of a sudden the mouse cursor is off and your men are being moved across the map without your consent.

It’s happened enough times to be wary of it. I’ll have to be careful that any of my brilliantly devised plans are not scuppered by an interfering person in a flat in Salzburg. Which could happen.

He’s in danger of being kicked out, is what we’re saying. Connection severed. That’s it. No more.

And then he’d just sulk.

He’s sulked long enough that we’ve not been playing Charterstone, in fact. Pretty much every day since we finished the last game. We’ve made plans to do it, and every single time we’ve had to cancel. Sadly, this time we couldn’t.

Still, we can leave him hanging for the next couple of games though. Give his brain time to adjust to the fact that he is no longer the yellow character…