Dec 9, 2020: Puzzlement

That bloody jigsaw is still going strong.

At one point, it looked like we were doing really well with it all. The pieces were going down, everything was slotting into place nicely.

And then we remembered that all the white pieces had been put in a bag out of the way to be dealt with at a later date and all the green pieces had been put into another bag with a similar caveat.

Sadly that day has come, more or less, baring a few sets of feet and some hats that we have not yet housed it’s all white and green.

And there’s a lot of green, what with it being a picture of a Christmas Tree market type thing.

And the thing about Christmas trees, at least those drawn on paper rather than those purchased from Christmas tree vendors, is that they all look alike. There’s one that looks like a monster lives in it, and a couple with people in them, but otherwise it’s just green, green, green. One of them was less green. But we’ve done that one, by virtue of its less green-ness. Everything else is just green.

We set out tonight to finish it. Carole declared she would not go to bed until it was finished.

It’s still unfinished.

And Carole has most definitely gone to bed.

So that didn’t go according to plan.

There’s also a small problem with the board we’re using to hold the pieces. It is, essentially, the felt inlay for the table. So it’s pretty big. It covers half of the jigsaw up. So we’re motoring away with one half of the puzzle, but every now and again we’ll slide it across because we’ve got a piece for the dark side of the puzzle, as it were, and so much remains undone.

It’s like decorating a room and only wallpapering or painting down to the top of the existing furniture because if you never move it, no-one will know.

But in puzzle form.

I do think we’re on the last few hundred pieces though.

Just that they’re all fricking green.

Apart from the white ones.