Dec 10, 2020: Architecture

Thursday night sees us all assemble once more, for another virtual games night. Daniel dials in from Salzburg. Nik dials in from where he lives somewhere near town, and we just sit on the couch where – for now at least – we can see each other’s boards, cards and whatever else.

We played Architects Of The West Kingdom this evening.

We’ve played this before, at the start of Lockdown 1.0, and it took us FUCKING AGES to play through it. We had Addy and Joe in the mix then, which made any digital game we played like trying to knit fog at the best of times, but that was probably one of the worst. It took a ridiculously long time to play through.

And Carole won that time.

So it was a terrible experience all round.

This time, the four of us watched Rodney’s video on YouTube about how to play the game. And then we played the game.

Here’s the difference between this time and last time.

We were a lot faster. We finished in a mere ninety minutes or so, which is not too far off the actual play time of the game. We scored a lot lower, though. Probably because we were all quite focused on doing things and because the game ran quicker and smoother than the last time, we all just got shit done. And because all the cards we drew were absolute bobbins. And Carole didn’t win.

So it was better all round.

Nik smashed us all, getting ten or so points more than the rest of us. And when we all had pitifully low scores anyway, that ten points made a big difference.

We’re playing it again next week as well. The fastest uptake on playing a game again for quite some time – since the dizzying heights of Wingspan, which we don’t play any more because Nik fell out with it or Daniel ruined it or something.

And we’ve all learnt from tonight’s game that Daniel will sacrifice his virtue at the drop of a hat, steal money from the tax office and have us all locked up. So all we need to do next week is combat all of those moves and we might be in with a chance of besting everyone – I lost about eight player tokens to Daniel’s nonsense, and it cost me a small fortune to get them back. I can’t be doing that when there are points to be gotten elsewhere.

Then if I can just work out a way to collect all the resources I need without putting all my people in a place he’ll capture them all…

I’ll be unstoppable.

Daniel didn’t even win, he came third with Carole, but I still feel he hampered me in a way that needs to be overcome.