Dec 11, 2020: The One Where Carole Hates Jigsaws

Carole’s starting to lose heart with the jigsaw.

You haven’t seen someone looking as despondent as she did, trying to put the green pieces or the white pieces into the remaining spaces on the board. All the fun pieces are gone. There’s nothing left but the drudgery of similarly coloured pieces.

It’s quite upsetting.

We spent a couple of hours on it this afternoon, and next to no progress was made.

There is a small glimmer of hope, though, in the shapes of the pieces. There’s a decent variation of shapes, at least, so if we can get things down to distinctive holes then we might stand a chance.

But getting things down to distinctive holes is the problem.

There are so few pieces left, though. Well, enough to leave big gaps in the jigsaw but so few compared to the 2000 we started with that, I mean, we could just call it done at the point we’re at and no-one would be any the wiser. We’ve assembled most of the picture. You can mentally fill in the rest. Trust us, it’s just trees and snow.

It’s like the one we did last year when everything was Santa’s massive brown doors.

We could have given that up.

But we didn’t.

We soldiered on. Through thick and thin and whatever else you go through doing a jigsaw.

And we will with this one. Or I will, if Carole has her way. She keeps suggesting that I “carry on” after she’s stopped, or “make a start on it” before she’s ready to do it. Whereas any other jigsaw we do I am threatened with physical pain and/or death if I even so much as think about doing a bit of it without her.

That’s how I know the spark for this one has gone. She’s burnt out at around 1700 pieces, probably. Everything since then has been an uphill struggle culminating in this green and white clusterfuck of misery.

But think how good it’ll be when we finish it. It won’t be like that black border mum had on her pre-stroke (and possible stroke cause) Tutankhamun jigsaw – a border around the sarcophagus some five or six rows deep of solid black. No variations in shade or anything. Just black. Ours at least has the playful fronds of Christmas upon them.

Even if that is absolutely cock-all help.