Dec 14, 2020: One Last Interlope

Sometimes, it turns out, there are benefits to not being able to sleep.

Benefits like, at something past two in the morning, hearing your cat having a squabble downstairs. Something which then puts a context on the weird noise you heard a bit earlier that scared you (unless anyone asks, in which case it didn’t) and had you searching the room to work out what it was.

Basically, what was transpiring was that the fricking interloping cat had let itself into our house and was currently lording it up downstairs and scaring Peppa away. What I heard was them running around downstairs, and knocking the cover off the gaming table, which sent a slew of remotes thundering to the floor.

I basically got all this context from Peppa sitting at the top of the stairs growling.

And from the sound of the cat flap shutting as I got to the bottom of the stairs as whatever cat it is that just meanders in was clearly just buggering off having caused destruction for no gain, as we’d hidden Peppa’s food before we went to bed.

So that’s the end of night time cat flappery.

Peppa’s going to be a little night time shut in. I’ve set up her litter tray, we’ve worked out a way to cover the cat flap after it’s locked so that she definitely knows she can’t get out, and the interloping cat can’t see in either. So it can just piss off and leave us alone. Because I’m not sure me standing on the back doorstep at 3am saying, “If I find you, I am going to bloomin’ kill you” will have been understood.

Although that is what I did do. While also being surprised that I didn’t catch Mrs Next Door out in her garden having a smoke, like I have at around that time before (when disposing of mice, for example).

But yeah, we’re blocking off the cat flap and hoping that Peppa will remember the ins and outs of a litter tray, rather than just pee or poo on the floor if she needs to. She’s already been in the litter tray, whether she used it or not is another matter, but she’s been in there and flicked some of it out onto the floor so that’s a winner. Sort of. And a reminder of the trials and tribulations of a cat litter tray. And also something to bear in mind should I review this one I bought off of Amazon, with a door and everything so it wouldn’t be messy. Trust out cat to circumvent the litter flicking prevention methods of the door (it has none, it’s very much the world’s swingiest bit of plastic) and covering the kitchen in it.

Still, massive plus point of all this. No more being woken up at stupid o’clock by cold, wet, muddy cat paws on your person.

It’s all worth it.