Dec 17, 2020: Architecturally Sound Strategy

The last Thursday night games night of the year – “Hang on, why is it the last one of the year?” says Daniel who is spending Christmas alone in a flat in Salzburg – saw us once again taking to the world of Architects of the West Kingdom.

And, once again, not winning it.

Carole won this time, in a move which surprised everyone. Genuinely. Including her. She thought I’d won. I knew I hadn’t. I thought Nik had won. And we all knew Daniel was nowhere near the top of the table. So Carole won the last game of the year, probably. I suspect the quiet nature of Christmas this year will pull us together at sometime, but it won’t be a Thursday which will be weird.

I could have won the game. I could have. But I used my last turns to try and mess with Daniel as much as possible. After last week when he just rounded up all our pawns and took them to jail, I was determined to have my revenge. And I did, of sorts. Sadly, though, Daniel was the player immediately after me which meant that anything I did he could undo straight away with no consequences. I had plans to have him lose points for people in jail, but I couldn’t pull it off. If I’d thought about it a little bit more I could have orchestrated it so I had the final turn of the game, so I could have dumped his meeples for a points penalty, but I didn’t.

He came last anyway. And his score was rubbish. So it would have been cruel to take points off him.

I’d have still done it though, if I could have. Just to be that guy.

And the game didn’t take us hours to play, again, which is nice. It definitely shows that it was Addy and Joe that were the stumbling blocks and not the rest of us. We’re slamming that game home in double quick time now. Although a bit less speed might lead to better points – a controversial theory, sure, but one I quite like the sound of.

The only problem is that we have to use Discord for communication and, for some reason, Carole’s voice is mapped out as being a background noise whether she’s using it through her headset or coming through my computer mic. That was a problem. And she got cross about it. And crosser still because we’re doing it all for Daniel because he won’t use Facebook messenger because all his friends are tits and he hasn’t worked out he can just unfollow them all and they won’t darken his eyeballs with their Covid-based conspiracies or whatever the frick is happening right now.

Although having said that, Carole angry with Discord seems to focus her mind to the task at hand considering she beat us all hands down. Those silent few minutes at the start of the game when she was absolutely fuming definitely paid off.

Still, we don’t have to worry about that until 2021… and who knows what will be happening then?