Dec 18, 2020: Curtains

Carole’s free of work.

I’m free of work (albeit in a different more disease-based way).

It must be Christmas.

Or at least the run up to Christmas. And one that we haven’t had in such a format before. Carole’s normally working until Christmas Eve and I’m normally working all the time, with only Christmas Day and Boxing Day off. It’s an entirely unheard of time of nothingness.

And it’s wonderous.

It’s not nothingness, though.

We’ve got the house to tidy and what-have-you before Christmas comes along and… well, Carole decided to vent all her frustrations with the world this morning by pulling down the curtain pole in the front room, ripping the screws right out of the wall and nearly smashing the TV in the process.

This morning I learnt that a house that has been decorated for Christmas is not the house you want to start having to drill new holes into walls for curtain rails to go in. There was a lot of swearing while I was doing the do this morning. So much swearing.

At one point I just wanted to cry.

I nearly fell down the bloody stairs during all the faff as well.

And I spent more than five minutes considering how bad it would be to spend Christmas with no curtains whatsoever in the front room because that was a far easier option than having to unwire the TV, remove it from the unit, move the unit so I could get at the wall, drill two new holes in the wall, make one of those holes bigger (for some reason) to accommodate the same size screw and plug that went in the other one, round a screw, have to pull that screw out of the wall with a hammer, and whatever the frick else happened this morning.

Honestly, that versus being on full view to the neighbours every time the light was on. It was a close call.

And they all heard me saying “fuck” a lot, because I had to open the window due to being at that level of frustration with everything where you’re really bloody hot.

Not to mention that every time I shut Peppa out of the way, I then needed to go where I’d shut her to get something which I didn’t imagine I would have needed at the start of the project, so I did quite a lot of it with a cat climbing over everything I put down.

It was a bloody nightmare. Second only to the saga of the bathroom light which will not allow anyone with human strength to remove the covers from the bulbs, so if they go we’ll have to get a new light rather than be able to access the place where we can change them.

Honestly, sometimes this house is sent to try me.

And at least Carole has pulled the curtains down now. Last Christmas, my mum broke the bathroom light pull cord, plunging us into piddling darkness until after Christmas, so hopefully that’s all that’s going to crop up this year.



I’m not holding my breath though…