Dec 19, 2020: Lights

The first Christmas lights drive of 2020.

Ah, traditions are wonderful things. Last year, for one reason or another, we didn’t get to enjoy the Christmas lights drive – but this year we have a lot more time on our hands, so we’re going to use a few evenings to go out into the world and see what tat is on display.

Tonight was our first foray, via a birthday card drop off, and while Carole drove I had the task of looking down side streets for the tell tale light pollution that signifies a lack of taste and decency around the Christmas period.

I think we went out a little bit too early, in all honesty, as many of the houses were more illuminated when we came back than when we set off, but we still saw some sights. Some of which we last saw a couple of years ago – the memories came flooding back as we pulled up to them, bathed in the bright blue glow of festive illumination.

And then it started absolutely pissing it down, with the wind blowing it in sheets across the road, and everything became a lot less fun. You can’t be hopping in and out of the car in the pissing rain to look over people’s hedges at their displays of tat. It’s just not the done thing.

Still, we have our eye in now. And we’ve remember the cul-de-sac of old folks flats that is like a grotto all of its own. We didn’t go there today, although we passed tantalisingly close. We’ll be there tomorrow, or maybe the night after, hoping that times have not changed in the past few years and they they still go all out in a gaudy display of absolute tackiness for all to enjoy.

And as long as the weather is semi-decent so we can get a dazzling array of pictures and/or videos if the displays provide moving features for us to marvel at.

Carole, when taking my mum home one day, saw an inflatable Santa who appeared, thanks to the wind that day, to be bumming a reindeer. She only ever took a picture of the display. She never thought to get a video. These sorts of mistakes cannot be made again.

And it’s that mistake which keeps us going. It’s that mistake that sees us out on the road, observing the tat. And becoming increasingly excited if we catch even a glimpse of an inflatable. Today, sadly, it was just a wonky Santa we saw…

We remain hopeful.