Dec 21, 2020: Restarter-Stone

The digital edition of Charterstone is a cursed chalice of the highest order.

There is so much wrong with it. It borders on the ridiculous… I mean, it’s no Cyberpunk 2077 (amiright, guys) but the amount of things that have happened while playing that game are ridiculous.

It’s corrupted saves, it’s completely removed cards from the game in some instances, removing chains of buildings and other cards because the thing that unlocked it has just vanished completely with no explanation. It’s prevented moves, it’s allowed moves that shouldn’t be allowed. And it’s lost saved games entirely so we’ve had to start again.

This week it was the loss of a saved game.

Because of course it was. We have played the first one or two rounds of Charterstone, in digital format, more times than we have played the entire campaign.

And it always – always – loses it when I’ve done really well.

So obviously after my masterful games last week it’s decided to get rid of them forcing us to start again tonight when things have turned out much worse. The only good thing is that my character is named less offensively than they were previously. Other than that it’s just a shit show of terrible choices and low scoring misery.

I mean, I did remember a few things this time that I may have slightly manipulated in my favour, but I could have done that better than I did it, and no-one would have been any the wiser, but otherwise it was a disastrous turn out.

And, obviously, there’s no danger of the computer losing any of that nonsense.

Which is just bloody typical.

But also good, because I really can’t face starting that bloody game again. And this is from someone who likes it, albeit not as much as Carole and definitely not as much as Daniel does. I wanted to play it again after we played the physical version. I don’t think I wanted to play it again four times in a year, and restart it at least six or eight times to get those four plays out of it.

We exited the game after each round to check the save game was still there.

I’d have flipped the bloody table over if it had gone. I’d have just uninstalled the game and given up everything in extreme anger.

I mean, given my performance, I could still do that…