Dec 23, 2020: Worst Day Of The Year

I don’t think I like the 23rd of December.

It’s the day, I feel, that is the worst of the bunch when it comes to Christmas. Because it’s the day before things start, as it were, and it just feels like there’s a lot of pressure on the day. Even when you’ve done most, if not all, the things that needed to be done before the day in question, it still feels like everything is just piling on that day and making it pretty poop.

And that’s how the 23rd of December has felt for me.

I think I could enjoy Christmas a lot more, without Christmas Eve eve being a part of it. It takes all the fun out of it. It’s the day when you think “Argh! have I done [insert thing here]?” repeatedly, and in some cases it’s things you definitely have done and in others it’s things that you have not thought of at all, ever, not even in your wildest dreams. And then there’s the things that you’ve thought of doing tomorrow, but now because it’s the 23rd you’re thinking about doing them today because what if tomorrow doesn’t give you enough time.

Or something.

I bloody hate the 23rd of December.

No-one ever mentions it, though. It’s always Blue Monday that gets all the seasonal ire. That day in January when credit card statements arrive and you find out that Christmas has cost you your soul but at a very attractive interest rate. That’ll be mentioned everywhere when it comes. But where are the news outlets reporting what a fricking shit waste of a day the 23rd of December is?

They’re too scared to do it.

Because if they do, then it becomes less shit, but the day before becomes more shit because once it’s pointed out as being the day before the shit day, it absorbs some of the 23rd’s evil. Maybe you should start to think about things to do on the 23rd on the 22nd… and then it’s got you. It spreads though the year, like Covid-19 through a nursing home or nation’s capital.

So maybe people do know. But don’t mention it, so there isn’t a cascade failure threatening to destroy the fabric of space-time based solely around how fricking terrible the 23rd of sodding December is.

So ignore everything you’ve read here.

But also don’t ignore it, because the 23rd is bloody awful.