Dec 29, 2020: How Much Turkey Jawa Want

There’s something about cooking a second turkey over the Christmas period that fills me with great joy. Every time the Christmas turkey turns up I always think it’s way too small and just won’t last, so every year we get another one because left-overs are king in this house until the dawning of the new year and then we start eating boring food and vegetables and stuff for a couple of weeks, at least.

Carole got the second turkey this year. It’s a crown, with wings, whatever that makes it. I mean, it’s basically a turkey at that point really. It’s a turkey with the bottom bit cut off, basically. It has a good portion of what makes a turkey a turkey but nothing which could hold it up if needed

And cooked it looks like the Jawa transport ship thing in Star Wars.

But anyway, I bloody love turkey, and I adore the second one more than the first I think. Because the second one is more relaxed. The first one needs to be done for a time and a place. The second is just there to be cooked and then consumed as left overs until this hellish year finishes.

Although I am rather proud to say that I managed, with no forward planning at all, to bring it all together into a joyous secondary dinner. A post Christmas, pre-New Year dinner with all the bloody trimmings we had on the big day as well.

And it was delightful. Delightful.

It’s not as easy to dismember as a cold chicken, though, it turns out. The normal crowns we get can just be sliced through. They’re boneless, or near boneless, and a doddle to carve and dismember and pile into a nice bowl of leftover tastiness. This one, being all of a turkey with none of the bottom bit, is a mare. I’ve had to put it into the fridge whole for now, because it’s too late in the evening for my brain to even start to fathom how to get the meat off of it without getting cross with it all.

That’s a problem for tomorrow’s me to solve.

And also a stark reminder that the boneless crown is probably a better buy than this one, just for ease. And the fact it doesn’t look like small, hooded, alien robot sellers live inside it.