Dec 30, 2020: Game Shame

I’m not saying that Daniel is really, really needy but he’s sent us a lot of messages asking when we can play next. We’d barely got my mother home the other day before we were inundated with requests to play something, which we dodged as it was our first night of freedom. And then the following day there were more, and the day after… and the day after that. Which is today. I think. Unless I’ve lost track.

Anyway, we played more Charterstone with him this evening. We said we’d play Charterstone. He then asked what we wanted to play. I said Wingspan, with the new Australian expansion.

So, obviously, we played Charterstone.

With some of the worst Charterstone gameplay ever seen by human eyes exhibited by me.

In the last game we played tonight I was lucky to scrape 20 points. Twenty. Twenty. Everyone else, even the three basic level AI opponents we have in our game, had double my score.

Things are not going well. Not at all. We’re mere games away from the “oh, the worst player has their body stolen” mechanic which will, of course, head my way again. Because I always lose my body whether we play it physically or digitally. It happens every time. And it will happen again shortly.

And as if all that wasn’t bad enough, we had another round of New York Zoo this afternoon – just between Carole and myself. A nice friendly game which I would have won, but at one point I said, “Oh if it was me, I’d do…” and told her what to do which led to her winning.

Today has not been a good day for the gaming mind of me.

I’m thinking that next year we bring back the stupid plastic cups that we played for some years ago as some sort of motivation to strive for greatness. Not that I won many of the cups when we first used them, and Daniel swooped in at the end of the year and snatched the Christmas trophy, but I think it might be quite good fun to invest in thirteen plastic trophies, which will all have Carole’s name on by this time next year…

Or will they? Maybe 2021 is my gaming year to shine…

It’s not going to be is it?

Not a chance.