Jan 3, 2021: Disappointed

We’re three days into the New Year and I’ve already seen – on Instagram, my last refuge of social media sanity – people complaining that 2021 is not turning out to be the great saviour everyone thought it would be.

Not people I’m following, I should point out. It’s down past the “You’re All Caught Up” tick when it just starts showing you shit based on people you follow. For me it’s selected whiny individuals who aren’t having great years, for some reason, and nice landscape shots of Edinburgh in the snow, or with a nice sunset or something.

The 2021 is rubbish people, though, can do one.

Obviously it is. Nothing’s going to change in three days. Especially when you factor in that at least one of those days was a Bank Holiday. Fuck all gets done on a Bank Holiday.

But to piss and moan already is just…

If anything, complaining that the year is – to date – shit is the new sad face emoji as your status on Facebook. It’s the post that gets all the “what’s up hun?” “I’ll DM you” balderdash.

I don’t even know how I’ve got this – I follow Arrowverse people, and bakers and comedians. How have I fallen into a needy algorithm? Unless, because Insta is part of Facebook now, the cancerous blue F has decided that this is what I need and/or deserve. Especially as their data miners will be able to see I haven’t been near their evil since the start of the year. They’re just funnelling it to me in a different way.

Damn them.

Next it will be the anti-vax people. Or the ones who believe Covid to be part of a Government plan to track everyone. Or whatever else I have left Facebook in a distant folder to avoid.

But for now it’s just people complaining that the three days of the year so far have not been up to the levels of excitement and brillance they believed they would be getting.