Jan 4, 2021: Here We Are Again

Lockdown 3.0 is upon us.

We sort of expected it. But Covid cases are sky rocketing post-Christmas and with this new strain that’s a lot more transmissible and infectious than the original, things are starting to look grim on the old graph front.

It doesn’t really make much difference to me, because I was still under the mercies of the tier system with regards to work, but it’ll bugger things up like nobody’s business for Carole so I don’t expect the next few days will be much fun for her.

You know, if you stop and think about it, if this was a fake disease designed by the Government to keep us inside and make us more subservient or whatever the conspiracy nuts think is the case don’t you think that their utter ineptitude when it comes to things like schools saying open (yes, erm, oh, erm, no) and countless other things shows that it can’t possibly be part of a master plan to inject everyone with tracking devices. It takes real skill to do things wrong but correctly – like Tommy Cooper, for example, or the guys from Mischief Theatre – and there is no way the government is anywhere near that level of competence.

There’s a meme going round as well, of an aged Boris Johnson speaking in the year 2035 about how it’ll just be another few months of waiting then it’ll all be over… here’s the thing, those things are getting so old now it’s ridiculous but much more importantly WHY THE FUCK IS HE STILL IN POWER IN 2035.

No-one’s questioning that. They’re all just like “hahaha yeah, the government eh?” But no. No. I need to know how this happens.

Is that Covid’s grand plan? To leave the Tories in power for the next fourteen years because only they – and by they we mean Boris – can see us through this?

Oh god, I wish I was still using Facebook… they’d lap this shit up over there. They love a good conspiracy theory. Maybe I should join and spread it round and see how long it us until it gets flagged up as fake news. Like the pictures of Cthulhu in the Venetian canals during lockdown 1.0.

That’s how seriously Facebook takes it. It has people who believe Cthulhu is under Italy…