Jan 6, 2021: Slow-Going

There is, currently, a jigsaw nestled within the inner recesses of the gaming table. It’s one of the Ravensburger mystery ones, where you assemble the jigsaw, solve some puzzles and build a small frame from the pieces which you then use to locate a certain piece within the jigsaw.

We’ve done one before, which was a witch’s cave or something of that nature. This one is an astronomer’s, erm, astronomering room when he does his astronomical watchings. We’ve started building it and Carole is annoyed, fed up and unamused by the whole thing because it’s ridiculously dark.

You know what this astronomer dude needs? Lights. Lights is what he needs. There are a lot of dark blue, black and blacky-brown pieces. And the beauty of this jigsaw is that stuff fits together as though it goes together but then it doesn’t actually go together and you’re buggered from the get-go with it. We had that problem with the last one and we could see things on that one. This one is just like trying to assemble a normal jigsaw with your eyes closed except they’ve printed the closed eyelid on the jigsaw for you.

I don’t have a massive problem with it. Apart from not being able to see it all it’s not too bad, and I’ve focused mainly on the large fiery meteor and the light beige areas of it, so I haven’t had the same levels of misery that Carole has had. But she’s also a bit miffed because she got it for me as a present and because it’s not as good – which is to say, easy to get into and see – as the last one, she feels like she has let me down a bit on the ol’ puzzle front.

She hasn’t.

We’re in lockdown 3.0. What else is there to do but browny-black jigsaws and play board games?


Bring it on, I say.

Then there’s another one to do where we have to read a book (pamphlet, I guess) first to get the story, build the jigsaw based on what we’ve read as there is no other clue as to what it is and then solve the mystery, which I think is a murder or somesuch.

I sort of wish I’d picked that one first. But then Carole would have been even more dismayed by the brown.

Assuming, of course, that the other jigsaw isn’t also entirely averse to colour…