Jan 8, 2021: No Snow

The weather for today showed snow, with a ridiculously high percentage change. The kind of weather report that makes you think if we weren’t already stuck at home anyway, we’d be stuck at home because of the snow. The sort where you’d think – if work was a thing – that you’d get up early to deal with whatever issues you were faced upon waking to a winter wonderland. You’d put boots by the door, socks on the radiator. Dig out your hat and gloves.

That sort of weather.


Not a bean.

Our location in Huddersfield is like a snow-avoidance bubble. We rarely get snow here. And when we do it’s only about an inch deep, unless Carole is looking at it in which case it’s like the Day After Tomorrow out there.

We got nothing.

It did snow, to be fair. The weather was spot on. Snow was a thing. It was just very light and didn’t stick to anything. Other places in Huddersfield, though, snowy as you like. Snow to the eyeballs. Snow everywhere. Snowmen building themselves, in fact, there was so much snow.

We just had damp grass.

I still haven’t adjusted to this bit of the weather, really. I know it’s not going to snow here, but every time I’m still disappointed. At my parent’s house, if you were getting snow you got SNOW. A decent amount would cut us off from public transport, a small amount would mean you’d go to work or school or whatever looking like an Inuit and the snow would have vanished before you’d got passed the line of local shops so you’d arrive at your destination looking like, basically, a fool.

Every time I’m disappointed.

The last time we got a decent, decent amount of snow – a good while ago now – the local feral children made them into things on the grassy bit in the centre of the street and our neighbour (at that time, some guy who was a youth worker or something) taught them how to spray paint it like graffiti. So even then, when we did get snow, it was rubbish because the feral kids ruined it. It’s always nice to see footprints in snow, and all that, it’s not great to look out and see spray painted snow constructions.

So we got nothing.

But I still hold out hope. I still look at the weather app and feel a flutter each time the snowflake appears. Maybe that time will be the one…

It won’t.

Not at all.