Jan 12, 2021: The Perils Of A Shop

We’re choosing to not go into supermarkets, the smaller fun-named versions of supermarkets or corner shops at the moment. We’ve made that decision based on the fact that the new strain of Covid-19 is getting to people who are being super careful but, annoyingly, not the people who are out-and-out bellends, and with Carole’s parental units getting it and my mum being an at risk person (and my aunt, who drops stuff off for my mum being – potentially – the Typhoid Mary of our family as she seems to mix with all and sundry) it just seems the sensible thing to do.

Not to mention, when we do go we spend money on crap we don’t want or need. Or just stuff because we’re hungry.

Haha. Funny story.

So we needed bread and quicker than I could realistically make it, especially as proving is somewhat increased because it’s fricking freezing at the moment.

So I used the Amazon two-hour fresh stuff delivery.

I ordered it a bit earlier on. We don’t need the bread until tomorrow, but that doesn’t seem to be an option for delivery. The only slot I am presented with is 9pm-11pm.

And you can’t just order bread.

You have to order stuff to a minimum order level.

Which means you have to just fill your cart with stuff. Do you know how hard it is to reach a spend cap when you don’t want to? It’s not just a case or ordering, say, a gazillion Freddos. I was trying to be methodical about it. Stuff we wanted. Stuff we might have said, “Oh if we had…” about. Stuff that could come in handy.

Basically bread (times two to get the cost up a bit and so one could go in the freezer and spare us this again), some fishfingers that we haven’t been able to get through the usual channels, some bananas, a box of cup-a-soups and some sink unblocker because the kitchen sink’s being a bit odd. Or was, until I ordered the sink unblocker, anyway.

And that still wasn’t enough.


Oh wait, I know.



Most expensive loaf of bread going…

And it was delivered in an Uber. A late night Vienetta delivery.

That’s Lockdown 3.0, folks.