Jan 13, 2021: Neverdell, More Like

It’s been a bit of a mixed bag today.

The car went for a service and is basically a dead car walking, so we have the time until the MOT runs out to sort out a new one. And we’re not good with buying cars because Carole doesn’t know about them, and I don’t care about them. Which makes for not a good thing. Although it turns out that while I don’t care, I do know things to an equivalent level to her car-knowing brother-in-law. So win for me.

Either way, looking for a new car has been something we’d talked about before but not really done anything with assuming it would, at least, make it through this year (what with it basically not being used last year). But no. So bumholes. We have that to do. But we’ve looked online and sought advice and we’re already one-up on the last time we did this so, again, win for us.

To take our mind off all that shit, though, we had a game of Everdell again. Mainly because it’s still in the gaming table from last time when we had to pack up super quick because a cat appeared at the end of the game.

I genuinely thought I had this one. I don’t know if it’s the regimented way I lay out my cards to the slip-shod way that Carole does it or what, but I genuinely feel like I’m doing better at Everdell than I ever am. I say ever am because we’ve played it now – with the digital version included – three times. And of those times I have won zero times.

Tonight was my best score ever, Carole’s app that tracks our results joyfully told us. Yaay, I’m getting better with each and every game but somehow still not winning. Carole’s score in the game was worse than her last one. And I still didn’t win. She’s getting worse, I’m getting better and yet our two trains leaving opposite stations at the same time are still travelling at different speeds and I don’t know when they’re going to meet. I just can’t compute it.

It’s a bloody nice game, though. I really like it. There’s a whole level of scoring events that I haven’t even really dabbled in as well. I could have, tonight, but my strategy started out to win one of them but them I ditched it fairly early on because I hated what I’d done for my first move and it forced me down a road of no resources and no benefits to be gained from moving on which was frankly depressing and I wanted to start again from scratch. But I was not allowed.

I thought I’d clawed it back, though. I genuinely did.

And then Carole totted up her scores. And she was still adding up a good while after I finished. Which isn’t a good sign.

Bloody Everdell.

We’ll be playing it again soon, I reckon.