Jan 16, 2021: Cars

I’ve had to insist on a car cut-off time. I’ve had to. There’s only so long you can keep talking about what car we should get next and where we should get it from and how much we’re willing to pay and who knows what else.

Not to mention, buying a car in the midst of a pandemic and lockdown is a bit of a nightmare.

You can’t test drive anything, you can’t sit in the cars and get a feel for them. Technically, you can’t even ask the car salesman people anything about the cars either, as they’re operating a click-and-collect service, essentially, rather than being open for actual business. So you buy the car and have seven days to see if you like it.

Having said all that, we think we’ve decided what we want, and how much we’re willing to pay and everything. We need to trade in the old one, but it’s worth next to, if not actually on the dot of, fuck all so it’s not going to make any difference to the price really. It’s a dead car rolling, essentially. But he’s served us well and it’ll be a shame to see him go – mainly because if there’s any sort of delay between trading it in and getting the new one, I’m not sure where we’ll keep all of Carole’s coats and shoes.

If we weren’t doing the trading in thing, we could have almost bought a new one today. Carole went off for a walk via a dealership and found one we wanted (although with less spec than we really desired, so we’d probably not have gone for it). I think if it had been bob on, we might have though. And been, briefly at least, one of those two car families you hear about before we sent ol’ Norman off on a trip to wherever he might end up. We kind of need to see if we’d get more for him as scrap than as a trade in, but then it’s sorting out getting him to the scrappers and all that shizz.

Anyway, all this chat was still going on past six in the evening.

So I’ve made us have a cut off. No car nonsense after 6pm. Nope. Not doing it. Carole’s brother-in-law is in his element searching for the car we want. He’s found us ones all over the place, so we have to look at how we get them here and if that costs us more and all that jazz, but we had to gently persuade him to stop searching past the car watershed, just so we could have a couple of hours of chilled out sanity without having to worry about plate numbers and bluetooth connectivity or how big the rear window is or whether the front window is heated and so, so many other things that I’m not sure why I’m bothered about.

But we’ve got to do it this way, in a lockdown induced distance purchase fashion, so we have to do extra legwork on our end. We can’t hope that lockdown will end when they think it might maybe possibly end and then we can snatch one up because we’re in quite a small window of time, so we have to do all this stuff.

Just not after six.