Jan 18, 2021: Bumholes

It didn’t go any better.

In fact, if anything, Charterstone was worse than it’s ever been before.

Daniel got 80 points in one game.

I was nowhere near him on that one. Nowhere near. Two of the three simple level AI characters got more than I did.

And that’s without taking into account the fact that I start each game with 3 points due to a perk I unlocked early on. I have a three point head start and I’m still dragging myself into a place that if not last is definitely last adjacent.

I have the fewest buildings built. I have the fewest glory spent. The fewest wins. I am doing terribly.

The one shining light in all of this is that for the first time ever, I wasn’t the worst player when it came to ripping the spirit from their body. That fate has fallen on one of the AI characters. I can still win. It’s all to play for.

It isn’t.

I have no chance.

At all.


I could not turn up next week, and I would probably end up with a better score than if I actively played.

I really do like Charterstone. I genuinely do. I loved it when we played. But I’m so bad at it. I’m wondering if all the love I had for it was down to the stickers we got to put on things. I wonder if I got demob happy about decorating the board with colourful building stickers, or adding to the rule book. I wonder if that’s what did it for me, and the gameplay just fell by the wayside. I mean, I did lose the physical game as well. So maybe that’s the case…

Anyway, we’ll be playing again next week so there’s always a chance I can pull it back… we’ve still got a few games of the campaign left to play…

Ah who am I kidding.