Jan 21, 2021: Robbed

A Thursday night.

So it’s gaming night, as usual. Unless it’s a week when Carole has some University lectures to attend or essays to write, in which case it isn’t a gaming night.

But this one was. And we went back to Viscounts Of The West Kingdom for a second run out, and to see how we fared out from under Nik’s wing and fighting for ourselves.

Here’s how it turned out.

We finished in exactly the same positions we did last time we played, which means that Nik is officially burning the physical copy of his game as he’s lost to newcomers on two occasions now. And, most importantly, Daniel won again which is a definite reason for the burning of the game.

I, though, was robbed.

There. I’ve said it.

Absolutely robbed.

The game glitched, part way through, and hid my character card. A card which possessed powers of resource collection. But I couldn’t play that card, because it was – unbeknownst to me (and I genuinely didn’t realise until the game was over and then I searched the entire game space for it) entirely invisible on the virtual table next to my player board.

Completely invisible.

I found it by complete fluke as I was trying to see if I could move the game board (you can’t), and my mouse came away with a card attached.

I mean… I was severely disadvantaged. I should have had one of every resource every time that card went out. It would have changed my whole strategy which was, of course, planned from the get go and not just made up on the fly with occasional bouts of tactical genius thrown in for good measure to break up the monotony of just flailing about and hoping for the best.

I could have done all sorts with more resources. I could have claimed the castle. I could have built more. I could have written more manuscripts. I would have been a points scoring machine, instead of the disappointment that I was to everyone who knows me.

Still… Wingspan next time. I can comprehensively not win at Wingspan with little or no effort, so everything’s much better on that front…