Jan 22, 2020: Toxic

I don’t know if it’s the rigors of various lockdowns that have brought it out in people, or just seeing the world through, essentially, the internet more than real life has made it more apparent, but people are absolutely awful online.

I’ve given up on Facebook – 20 days or so and still staying strong. Can’t be arsed with all that at the moment, especially during the lockdown periods because it’s just a case of one person having to have a worse time of it than another, and so on and so on, interspersed with the people ranting about how it’s a conspiracy in the first place and then the others that are just doing whatever the fuck they like.

But then the rest of the internet isn’t much better.

Over the past few months, there have been a couple of game launches which haven’t been entirely stellar, shall we say. Cyberpunk 2077, which finally came out after however many delays, was an absolute cluster fuck of a disaster. Loads of people bought it, then everyone complained about it because for a game that had been so delayed a lot of it was broken.

I played it and within the first mission I had a person floating in mid-air in the middle of a road. Whatever they were in or on had not loaded in, at all. They were just there, in the air, sitting. I think they were also an optional plot point to my story mission as well, possibly intended to be a roadblock of some description, but as I could see nothing apart from a floating man I just drove past. They shot at me a lot. But it didn’t make much sense to me.

I haven’t played much of it since then. I will go back to it eventually, but for now it can just sit on the hard-drive and receive occassional updates.

And then Hitman 3. I love me a Hitman game. They make Peppa jump, as I found at a couple of weeks ago, as she doesn’t like the sound a character makes when they are initially choked to subdue them. They make her leap up and embed claws into your flesh. But still, we soldier on – strangling people cannot wait. I have targets to kill. Hitman 3, however, is the latest release and the finale of the World Of Assassination trilogy – and the end of Hitman for now (I don’t know how it ends, just yet, as I have put off playing the final two missions and will do for the next few days at least…). Hitman 3 had a complicated launch in part due to a method to carry over your progression from previous games into this one. For a variety of reasons which make sense to me and are to do with backward compatibility of save files and the like, this was an online process using the online profile you set up when you play a Hitman game. It didn’t work at launch because the game launched – globally – at 1pm our time on Wednesday and EVERYONE IN THE WORLD tried to do the transfer at the same time.

The internet was up in arms about this.

There are, in turns out, some very, very entitled people in the gaming community.

And some awful people.

And they’re all complaining about it not working. And then constantly asking, via Twitter, if it’s fixed yet like a kid in the back of a car going somewhere. Is it fixed yet? What about now? How about now? Now? Is it fixed yet? Constantly.

And, of course, there was one person who was complaining about the resolution or the frame rate because you’re not a gamer if you don’t complain about that shit. That and making sure everyone knows you play on the hardest difficulty are the two most important things in modern gaming.

I like gaming. I love gaming. I love gaming communities. I am on the periphery of many of them. But by Jove it’s a horrible thing to be a part of if anything even goes slightly wrong.

It didn’t work for me, incidentally, and I was so incensed that I just read that they were fixing it on Twitter, and played something else. And then, at something past something at night, I went back on and it worked fine and I was up and running by the morning and everything was good and people were still very much murdered and I enjoyed it.

But I can’t be seen being happy about that. I should be outraged that at two minutes after release I hadn’t completed the whole thing and secured first place on the leaderboards.

In reality, I completely forgot about it coming out until I saw a YouTube notification… and I dare to call myself a gamer!