Jan 28, 2021: Car Trouble

No gaming today because Carole’s on a deadline for an exciting essay about the Bolsheviks and it would be improper for her to be playing games instead of putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, to produce her coursework.

Today, though, has not been super-smashing-great. There has been some tension, coming squarely from me which has caused all sorts of anger and gnashing of teeth. I have, since yesterday, been a bit worried about the car. Not in a way that there’s anything wrong with it, but that it’s so far removed from anything we’ve previously had, that it’s going to be harder to adjust to.

And I said that, when pushed, which then upset Carole and it was a whole horrible time of it.

But we’re all good now. We went out for a drive and play with a variety of different features that we don’t fully understand. And we discovered an under-seat tray on the passenger side which is absolutely great for putting something in that can then be forgotten about and go off, stinking out the car until one of us remembers there’s an under-seat tray.

It’s a must have feature.

It is hard, though, to go through the instruction book and work out how to work our car, because it’s a generic book for the whole range of vehicles and all the associated add-ons, features and perks that we may or may not have. We don’t know. We haven’t played with everything yet.

We don’t have a heated steering wheel. We have the button that does the steering wheel, but it does something else in our car that we don’t really understand. And, consequently, spent quite some time trying to work out how to turn off.

We do have parking sensors which are great fun, especially when you’re walking round the front of the car and they just go off because you’re an obstacle within their range. But they also like to detect things diagonally that you’re not in any danger of hitting, so they need a little bit of getting used to. We’re going to have to go into tight areas and things – forwards and backwards – numerous times until we get to grips with the different levels of panic generated by the beeping and/or work out how far from the car each line on the display actually relates to so we can then play fast and loose with the whole affair.

There’s lots of little things to get to grips with. Stuff we need to work out how to use. Or what it is, and then how to use it. I’ve mainly focused my efforts on the time and date, and getting something that isn’t LBC on the radio.

But I’m sure there’s more to do.

And I feel a lot less concerned at the end of today than I did yesterday and this morning. So that’s good.

Although I’m still a bit worried that Carole hasn’t written her essay yet…