Jan 29, 2021: Late Christmas I Gave You Three Parts

Another day, another drive about. This time it was to see Carole’s parental units for the first time this year, and the first time since early December since they were struck down with the dreaded Covid over the festive period.

And their computer virus software needed updating and they’re just using me for one of my five licenses. Like I’m some sort of piece of computer meat or something. It’s degrading.

Anyway, we did that. Hills. Lots of hills. All handled with great aplomb because prior to this vehicle hills have been an issue. Primarily the issue lay with Carole, and was then transplanted into the car, but still a problem. I mean, lets face it, in his last days Norman couldn’t be trusted anywhere near a hill in case he just failed miserably to do anything on it apart from roll down it at speed and with no hope of stopping.

We did hills. We did windy roads. We did tight corners. We did traffic lined streets. We did all that with only mild panic that we are driving the widest car in the known universe. Which we are. But still…

And Carole’s parents approve of it. Which is nice.

But more importantly, they gave us our Christmas present. Which comes in three parts. One of which is to be opened first, and the others when the time comes.

I’ve been in situations like this before with this bunch. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the “swap the prize you’ve got” raffle that they did at New Year when, somehow, someone could just take whatever I had and I had nothing by the end of it. So I’m always alert to strange and bizarre schemes from this bunch.

The first part is a Where’s Wally jigsaw. The other bits we’re allowed to open when a) we’ve found and positioned Wally in the jigsaw and b) when the jigsaw is complete.

I guess we’ll be starting that tomorrow sometime. We can’t leave a jigsaw like that undone. And we can’t leave presents wrapped. Especially when Carole has given them all a good shake and a feel and is pretty sure there’s chocolate in the mix somewhere.

I’m surprised we didn’t start today, to be honest.

But the essay’s nearly finished now… so we’ll be allowed to do fun things for a couple of weeks until the next one comes along, so jigsaw and chocolate tomorrow.

If I can find Wally on the picture on the box and somehow managed to focus on that part of the puzzle we can absolutely get that first stage present opened in no time…

Roll on Saturday!