Feb 1, 2021: Disaster-Stone

We’re back on Charterstone now that Carole’s essay is complete and handed in.

I do like Charterstone. I feel I need to stress this. I do like the game. But, honestly, tonight’s game can just do one.

I cannot stress enough how upsetting it is to start with a three-point lead and then to be bottom of the scoring pack. No-one else is starting with a three point lead. None of the humans or the AI players. No-one. Just me. And yet when you see the final scores you wouldn’t know it. You would wonder if I have even turned up for the game, I suppose, but you wouldn’t know I had three points before anyone else.

I am bloody terrible at it.

I didn’t enjoy it at all.

But I do enjoy it.


But not at the moment.

It’s awful.

I’m awful.

I have clearly made choices, earlier in the game, which have fucked me over at these later stages. Like, say, not building enough buildings or being better at what I’m doing. But I find myself very limited in what I can do, despite being laden with meeples to do it all. And that’s before you throw in the restrictions that the game puts on you for where you can play those meeples. Tonight was the candle round, where you play and try to get your moves done before a candle goes out. It also means you can’t get any of a certain thing until the candle is out, otherwise you put the candle out. And that can really screw you over by blocking off a valuable spot on your board.

Which, naturally, is what happened.

Because of course it was.

There were a few times I thought about sacrificing myself and putting the candle out just so I could get the stuff I needed to do the things I wanted. But then it would have opened everything up to everyone and it would have ended just as badly, if not worse, for me. And I wouldn’t have got the extra little tick for keeping the candle burning.

Which really made all the difference to my score card.

(It didn’t).