Feb 3, 2021: Car-Sitting

Carole’s discovered a new hobby today.

She’d been promising herself some time to go and just sit in the car, with the manual, and work out what the myriad of switches, dials and levers do. Promising and promising. But, for one reason and another, that didn’t happen. She didn’t go out in the morning. Or at lunchtime. Or in the afternoon.

Time escaped her.

It just didn’t happen.

And then she went out in the evening. In the dark. And just sat in the car.

And now that’s her new hobby. It’s her new happy place.

She didn’t even read the manual. She just sat out there, bathed in the white glow of all the dials and wotnots, messing around with things and using the in-car system to call me to say she was staying out there for a bit because it was really nice and cosy and she could get used to it.

If we had a garage and she was going out to sit in the car with the engine running I would probably start to worry that she’s had enough of life, but when she’s just out the front of the house parked on the street it’s not quite as bad. I mean, it’s still a bit worrying because she is essentially just sitting in her car, listening to the radio, and the only other person on the street who used to do that was known to the police and used to go out to his car to get high.

But hey ho.

I’m sure she’s fine and I don’t need to worry.

She called me to take her out a towel to just wipe away some condensation on the windscreen (as the outside of it was caked in snow from yesterday). She didn’t even get out of the car and come in to get her own towel. In our old car she would have done. In our old car she might not even have bothered about the towel and just let water run everywhere, come to think of it. But now she’s sitting there like Lady Muck, doing hands free calls and discovering voice commands for things.

She’s mad with power.

Mad I tell you.