Feb 4, 2021: Win-Span More Like

We didn’t end up playing Wingspan tonight.

We came close. But in the final hours of the afternoon aborted the whole game playing thing in favour of just sitting on a couch and watching television. For Carole – and for Nik – this week has been exhausting from a mental point of view and I don’t think either of them were functioning at peak efficiency.

And it was just purely coincidental that it was the first part of the two-part tenth anniversary special of Death In Paradise.

It’s a shame we didn’t play, though. Because I think Nik and Carole’s diminished mental faculties would have meant I could have destroyed them both and, hopefully, their tired and listless flailing around would have distracted Daniel to such an extent that he posed no threat either. What I’m saying, basically, is that it would have been my time to shine.

We might as well just pencil in tonight as a win for me. Because it would have happened and it would have been by a lot of points.

But we were supposed to be playing Wingspan, I hear you say. And I say yes, it’s this kind of perfect storm that I need in order to emerge victorious. I need everyone to be off their game and I stand a chance. If them off their game is just under my base-level of “on my game” then I am home and dry.

Which I would have been.

But sometimes it’s better to just a bit of a relaxing time away from everything.


According to the people who would have lost big time had we gone to the table.

Just saying.