Feb 5, 2021: Driven Mad

We went to mum’s today. We’ve tried to go for a good few weekends now, but snow has always been in our way. Snow or a car that was a deathtrap on wheels (although had we not known it was a deathtrap on wheels we absolutely would have just gone over in it and everything would have been fine).

It was the first time that mum had seen the new car – even if it was parked several streets away and she had to go on a hike to see it – and it met with her approval. She managed to get in it. She came up with a name we’re not using. She did all the things. Well, not all the things. We didn’t sit her in the back to see if she could manage to work the seatbelts. We’ll save that for another day.

Spoiler alert, though. She won’t manage the seatbelts.

There was a tiny bit of tension going over to mum’s though. She’d not been invited for her vaccine yet, but my aunt had. And that had rubbed her up the wrong way. And then Carole had talked to her about it all and she’d got incredibly arsey and refused to phone the doctors to ask about it because why should she and it was all a hot mess. She had, the day after, denied ever being in a foul mood about the whole thing while getting in a foul mood about the whole thing with me. So we were both a little bit on edge.

But it was alright.

We survived. No-one got really cross about things. Everything went as it should. And she now has at least 15 fewer open applications on her Kindle.

So that was good.

It was also a nice little run out for the car. And Carole got to play with the fog lights which she managed to do without either turning off all of the car’s other lights or sticking on high beams and blinding everyone. It was the first decent run in about a week as well, what with one thing and another (mainly snow). And, judging from the whether, it’ll be the only decent run for a while too as we’re due to be flattened by a blanket of snow for most of next week.

And that was good too. It was a good run and, I think, helped to cement Carole’s confidence to such a degree that I won’t have to accompany her on every single drive she goes on, which is what it was beginning to look like would happen. I was particularly looking forward to being taken to her sister’s early on a Saturday morning for dog walking which I couldn’t partake in due to Covid regulations. But maybe I won’t have to do that anymore.

Here’s hoping!