Feb 6, 2021: Pieces Of… Wait

There’s still no thyme available from Sainbury’s.

What the frick is happening with this pandemic that it is in some way hampering the distribution and sale of a herb?

Or is it Brexit?

It’s probably Brexit.

Where they’ve been saying, “It will be a tricky time..” what they’ve meant to say is, “It will be tricky to get thyme…”

But anyway, that’s by the by.

We’ve tackled the Where’s Wally jigsaw today. We know where Wally is. We’ve put him in. And now we’re trying to finish off the rest of the puzzle so that we can open the second of the two-part present structure that accompanies this jigsaw gift.

Here’s the thing with the jigsaw though. It’s terrible. Not in a doing the jigsaw way. That’s just standard jigsaw fare – Carole hated it when we first started it, but she’s coming round to it now and we’re really making some headway, putting hundreds of almost identical small men into the correct places. That’s not the terrible part. The terrible part is that it does not want to go together in any way that convinces you that the pieces you have placed together are correct. Even if they are, without a shadow of a doubt, correct.

Usually, you put a jigsaw together and the pieces sit flush with each other – no gaps, no indication that they are anything other than meant to be together.

This one, you put the pieces together and you could probably shoot peas through the gaps between the pieces.

It’s awful.

I did the entirely blue top edge of the jigsaw, piece-by-piece, trying each one as I went along to make sure that they fit together properly. They do. But they also fit together not properly. For quite some time there were pieces in the wrong place and yet every piece around it also fitted beautifully – or, more correctly, to the same standard we have come to expect from the rest of the jigsaw. It was only today that we realised two of the pieces were in the wrong places. We’ve swapped them, and they still look wrong from a fit point of view. But less wrong. So that’s probably right.

Who the frick knows by this point?