Feb 7, 2021: Meh

Today was a strange day.

I think it’s fair to say that neither of us was particularly feeling it – with it being anything at all.

I started off alright and slowly lost my mojo during the course of the day, whereas Carole started the day with zero mojo and regained it as the day went on.

I mean, she clearly stole it from me like some sort of mojo vampire. It’s the only explanation.

We did some more of the jigsaw as well. And, today, it was my turn to not enjoy it in the slightest. Normally I really enjoy doing a jigsaw but I couldn’t muster up the enthusiasm for this one at all. But there is another Christmas present at stake here for completing it and there’s a chance it might be edible. So we really need to finish this bloomin’ thing so that we can unwrap it and find out exactly what goes on in the heads of Carole’s parents.

One of the things I have noticed about this jigsaw is that there is an absence of pieces which you think would have the coloured background of the thing you’re building. It’s Where’s Wally in the midst of an Aztec scene, so there are temples in some sort of muted terracotta colour, and then a vaste swathe of white sand or some such across the middle. The white area is what drove Carole to dispair when we started because she couldn’t see a way to get going, so we’ve focused on the buildings.

But there doesn’t seem to be enough pieces with bits of building on to finish the jigsaw off.

It’s an interesting turn of events.

Especially as there’s a present riding on us finishing it.

Do we have to finish it, or just finish it to the best of our abilities given the tools we have been provided? Who knows.

I’m sure they’ll be in there, but as we get less and less pieces remaining it’s easier to see that the all appear to have the white sandy background and not the terracotta-y building.

We’ll see how it goes…