Feb 8, 2021: Nearly The End Of Charterstone

We’re nearly at the end of our third or fourth campaign run of Charterstone. The campaign run that I am enjoying the least out of all the ones we have played. And not just because I am only prevented from being last by an AI character which is, I think, programmed to be terrible.

We have, after tonight, one game left.

Daniel’s going to win. Carole will probably come second and I’ll be fifth.

We already know that. Unless there’s some kind of weird-ass change in the game that’s the way it’s going to be. It’s almost not worth playing the final game, but we have to for completeness and so we can see just how high Daniel’s score can get. He racked up an eighty-plus score tonight, while I laboured in the fifties (and that was only thanks to some end game bonuses that Daniel didn’t even partake in, such was his smugness with his points positioning).

But there’s one game left. And then we’re not allowed to play it again until sometime after my birthday.

Which is only in May, but it’s still a good few months and you have to take whatever victories you can get, especially with this game as I don’t normally get any.

In other news… the jigsaw.

It has two identical pieces in it. One of them cut slightly off for the jigsaw we are doing, and one that fits in the place it should fit.

And there doesn’t seem to be a piece that’s just a bit of temple stairway with no people on it – which is to say, quite a stand-out piece. The rogue duplicate piece does fit in the place the stairway piece should go, if we need it to though (face up or face down, it turns out). So that’s fun.

So now we’re pressing on with it to see what other mysteries we can stumble across. We assume the remaining pieces all belong with this jigsaw. But the rogue piece does go some way to explaining why some of the pieces don’t fit together as well as the others. There’s a chance our jigsaw is, somehow, made up from two cuttings of this particular design, for some weird reason.

If the jigsaw hadn’t come from a sealed bag I’d think that Carole’s parents are playing some sort of joke upon us. Hiding the stair piece and, somehow, putting in an extra identical piece from somewhere else to confuse us. So that when we open the second part of the present upon completion of the puzzle there’s a note inside which says something about us not being able to have the present because we haven’t completed the puzzle and then there being the missing piece taped to the note.

But it was a sealed bag.

And not everyone thinks as deviously as I do.

So we have to assume that this is a weird error of some sort.

We’re also assuming that we have dropped the piece we absolutely should have been able to find but can’t, and that it’s somewhere in the room – under the couch or something.

It’s probably not. But we’ll see.

I want to finish it so badly – if only so I can go back to the escape puzzle one that Carole really hates.

And so we can see if the second part of the present will fill a chocolate craving.

But mainly the escape puzzle thing, obviously.