Feb 9, 2021: The Cursed Bulbs

A couple of weeks ago I did an online order for a variety of things – sugar soap, some filters for the cat fountain and some light bulbs for the bedroom and other assorted light fittings around the house.

Shortly after placing that order, I received a message to say that the order had become undeliverable and that I would be refunded for these items.

This is the second undeliverable item I have had in recent months, and as no further explanation is provided it leaves your mind free to wander and come up with all sorts of ideas for what has happened. The last undeliverable item was a huge bag of cat litter, so I can only assume that split in transit between depots or something and just spilled grains of litter everywhere, absorbing all the moisture it came into contact with in a way which really locks in smells.

This time, though, it could have been any of the items. Well, maybe except the filters. I can’t imagine them possessing much in the way of excitement. I assume, though, for it to be rendered undeliverable it must have been something to do with an explosion of sugar soap as I have no doubt in my mind that a box of smashed bulbs would most definitely be delivered if that was an option. But a slick of sugar soap… that’s a different story. And, had I ordered it alongside the cat litter, it would have taken care of itself.

But anyway, they went back.

I reordered the bulbs, eventually. Nothing else. I’m doing it in stages now and being careful about what I combine.

The bulbs, I have come to believe, are cursed.

Because they were supposed to come today.

But they won’t be coming today.

For reasons that are not explained. They’re just running late. So they’ll be here tomorrow. Or maybe the day after. Who knows. Not the app that tells me when things will be here, that’s for sure. It’s the Xbox all over again. And just as exciting to be honest, as I’ve gone with bright daylight bulbs because the current bedroom light – which, to be fair, we don’t use that often because we tend to favour strings of fairy lights leaves many a corner of the room dark and unexplored. So a bright bulb will, literally, spread new light on things. And would have been a godsend pre-Christmas while wallpaper stripping as it would – one would hope anyway – have allowed me to tell the difference between paper-coloured wall and paper-covered wall, thus speeding up the stripping process.

But they’re not coming. Because they’re cursed.

And when they do come, should I even trust them? Can I trust them? Should I just return them as the universe is clearly not ready to give me that sort of power.

That power being the ability to see what colour things actually are, not what colour they look with a soft-tone glow applied to them.