Feb 10, 2021: Span Of The Wings

Wednesday night game night baby!

It started off terribly, in all honestly, because Carole’s laptop was being a dick about running Tabletopia and I was trying to fix it while everyone complained about having to wait and wouldn’t shut up and give me time to think about how to fix it and I just wanted to scream at everyone – which I kind of did – and turn everything off and sod the whole thing.

But I didn’t.

Carole went and got the other computer – as in full-on computer, not just a laptop – and she played on that and I gradually calmed down and didn’t hate everyone with a passion after a while.

And I still haven’t fixed it yet, either.

But anyway, Wingspan. The Oceania years. Three hundred and fifty birds, including one Australian bin chicken, worth countless points and four round objectives which I, for the most part, failed miserably at achieving. So it was all going swimmingly. I should have turned everything off and just sat in a darkened room, I think.

I thought I was doing well. That’s the worst thing about it all. I genuinely thought I was doing alright. I had birds aplenty. Every habitat full or incredibly close to full. Big point birds out on the table. Birds birds birds birds birds. As far as the eye could see – especially if the eye looked specifically at the birds on my board.

I forgot about all the other stuff that brings points like, say, eggs or tucking cards or caching food or achieving round goals or whatever. But I had birds aplenty.

Birds are the first thing on the scoreboard. I put mine in. Carole and Nik furnished me with their totals. I felt great. I was happy with my work. Then Daniel swings in with a bird score that was, frankly, obscene.

I think you can see where the rest of this is going.

So we can never play Wingspan again. Not in a competitive setting outside of just Carole and me at least. We joust with the scores. We come within a few points of each other in head-to-head competition. We can live with that. And by we I mean me. I feel a close score is the sign of a decent game. I was 25 points off Daniel in this game. Last. An absolutely terrible score. I blame the IT issues – and then my issues – for throwing off my concentration in the first couple of rounds or so, which scuppered me. I mean, it has to be that.

Next week we’re playing a couple of fun card games – one of them is cooperative, which means Daniel already hates it because he doesn’t like to share a win – which Nik owns and understands. He’s going to teach us to play them. Daniel will win them both. Even the competitive one, somehow. Nik will burn the games. There’s a theme to our board game lives at the moment, that’s for sure.