Feb 13, 2021: Killer TV

We’ve found a new show to watch – and by watch I mean binge the living shit out of – mainly by me scrolling past the “You’re All Caught Up” tick on Instagram and seeing a post from Alan Cummings. This post then lead me to the account for the show, and that lead me to watch some little clips and… well… they had me at “come on guys, you know I collect murder weapons…”

So, yes, we’re watching Prodigal Son. A story of one man and his relationship with his serial killer father. His serial killer father who is, in all honestly, insanely likeable and very funny. In a dark and gritty way. It’s really rather good.

For Carole it’s a great distraction from all the faff of yesterday because she’s insanely smitten with the lead actor in the show and his long legs, or lovely eyes or whatever else he’s got going for him and I’M SITTING RIGHT HERE, STOP TALKING ABOUT HIM. He used to be in The Walking Dead or something and he did it for her then, and he does it for her now with his night terrors and whatever other messed up things he has going on.

I know he does, because she mentions it. A lot.

I, clearly, watch shows differently to Carole. If there’s anyone in them I find visually pleasing, I don’t then bang on about them for ages while we watch the show. I don’t gasp at every close up or whatever else. Maybe I should start. Maybe that’s the approach I will take from now on. Everytime she audibly swoons, I shall find a character I like and have a similar reaction.


That’ll teach her.

But all swooning aside, it’s a really good show. It’s ridiculously entertaining and very funny. Although Carole is watching a fair chunk of it from behind a hand in case anything makes her jump. Not the bits with her new boyfriend in, obviously. She wouldn’t want to miss any of that. But some of the other bits she’s definitely hiding from. She has jumped at the police kicking in a door, but not at any of the murderings so I think she might have it backwards.

But there’s time yet…