Feb 15, 2021: Charters-gone

Charterstone is finished.

I promise, I do like the game. I just don’t like the way this game unfolded and I need a break from it. And now it’s done, that’s what we’re doing. We’re having a break. And it will be lovely. No more badly thought out building strategies, or brilliantly thought out game-winning moves that are thwarted by other players running the progress tracker on.

None of that.

Just something else that I can lose and complain about. But something different. And that’s what counts.

In the end, I managed to come in third because – and I’ll be honest – this last game was one of the best I’ve played in terms of getting shit done. I didn’t get enough shit done, by any stretch of the imagination, but I knew I was sitting on some decent end of round points which helped me to clinch the third position overall. Because I only just scraped it. I was nearly beaten by the machines, but instead just lost to the humans.

Which was worrying, because one of them only really realised what colour they were playing today. And we’ve been playing for 12 games…

But still… I lost. And it’s over.

I kind of miss it.

I did think, earlier today, that I might have a play through on my own. Just me and the computer, just to see what happens. No judgement from anyone else. Just my own harsh critiques to deal with as I flounder around in last place. Beaten by all the AIs, even the one that is written to be rubbish. Or I’ll find myself becoming better and better at the game until I am something of a savant and have to go to Carole and Daniel and insist, strongly, that we play the game that I absolutely didn’t want to play for ages, because I have, in the course of my solo career, discovered a game-winning strategy which will blow their minds.

I mean, I won’t. Obviously. If I play on my own, I’d be mid-table at best. Mocked by the machines and their Skynet level bullshit.

Still, I am just a little curious…