Feb 18, 2021: Villagers

Thursday night games night, and we are – once more – off into the realms of games that we (Carole, Daniel and myself) haven’t played, but that Nik most definitely has played and also happens to own in the physical realm.

Which means, of course, he didn’t win and will be burning it until it is just ashes. Even if it was the deluxe special swanky edition that he plumped for.

Villagers is about building a village, but you can only build it if you have the correct structure of work-people – so a carpenter is nothing without a lumberjack, or a blacksmith is nothing without a miner. That kind of thing. It’s sort of a set collection game, I suppose. But one in which you can use your opponents’ villagers to play the ones you want, and award them points in the process.

Having only played it this one time, I think I was too focused on the wrong things. Although I did well when it came to bonus points – far outshining any of the riff-raff I was playing with – I did utterly shite on points from just playing cards. Over two-thirds of my total points came from end-game bonuses, the rest of it I just scraped together from a handful of low point cards.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the table Nik and Daniel were having their own little fight to see who could come out on top – we know who it was though, let’s face it. Daniel got lucky close to the end of the game and Nik got lucky on the very last card – both of them ending up with a 24 point card to play with.

That’s more – just so we’re clear – that the total I had on all the points scoring cards when I finished. And that was just one of their cards.

In fact, Carole had a 14 point card. And that was more than all the points scoring cards I had.

So yeah, I focused on the wrong things. Kind of. Or I focused on the right things, kind of, but a little too late. I had bonuses for collecting wood-based workery. Every log symbol I had got me a point, and I had two of those bonuses in play. If I’d known about them earlier, or thought about them earlier, I could have maybe spun things round so I had more logs and possibly a third bonus in the field. That would have changed the game for sure.

But as it was I had to pay Nik points every time one of my wood things needed a carpenter. Honestly. A log-based village without a carpenter.

I had the wood. Just not the tools to use it properly.

My village was impotent, basically.

We’re playing it again next week. Now we know what we’re doing, it should just flow.

And Daniel will win again, and Nik will cry…

Unless, before then, I can work out a way to really make my wood rise.