Feb 19, 2021: Fleeced

I ordered Carole an Oodie for her birthday. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re a big fluffy fleece thing that basically envelops you in lovely warmth. I ordered it weeks ago, but I’m allowed to talk about it because it arrived today, for starters, and I’ve given it to her early to allow her to get some use out of it because, obviously, as soon as I clicked the “order now” button the weather moved out of the freezings and into the “a bit chilly, but alright” zone.

When I ordered it I got a message saying that things were a little slower due to Covid-19 restrictions and what-have-you, so I knew it might take some time to send along. But blimey it was a long time.

On Monday, I got an email saying it had been dispatched and I could track it. Which I did. Every day, as the temperature got warmer and the need for the Oodie diminished with each passing hour, I checked. And it wasn’t going anywhere. My parcel tracking, for four whole days, told me that the Royal Mail had received notification that a parcel would be sent to them to send to me.

By snail, I think. Or tortoise. Or something very slow.

But it’s arrived. And Carole is very happy with it. She made a lot of excited noises when I presented her with it. And then text everyone she knows to tell them she’s got one. And then wore it. All the time.

Which means that no longer, hopefully, will the heating pop on remotely while I’m standing in front of a Gas Mark 8 oven cooking something, or slaving over a hot pan. No longer will I find myself becoming warmer and warmer only to later find out that Carole has snuck the heating on on the quiet with nary a care in the world about other members of the house who don’t feel the cold as much as she does.

The present is for her. Don’t get me wrong. It’s absolutely for her. It’s Carole’s present. I picked it firmly with her in mind.

But I’m not complaining that I also get a huge benefit from it too. It’s like when we buy each other board games for Christmas and birthdays. It’s absolutely the best way to get a game that you really want – buy it as a present for the other. It’s a genius move which, so far, has not let us down at all. Maybe that’s the key to present buying – it’s not what the person wants, it’s what you want the person to want that also works out quite well for you.

If that means a big ol’ fleece to stop her slamming the heating on all the time, then so be it.