Feb 20, 2021: Waiting For The End(icott)

We’re on to the final five episodes of Prodigal Son now. We’ve managed to binge it quite well over the last week or so, but not as quickly as, say, we got through every episode of Parks & Recreation at the start of Lockdown.

Five episodes left.

We normally manage three episodes before the yawning sets in and Carole has to take herself to bed where she, without fail, lies awake for two more hours exhibiting none of the signs of needing to sleep she showed when downstairs.

The third episode ended on a cliffhanger. I mean, a lot of them have ended on differing levels of “oh fuuuuck…” but these last ones are really ramping the heck up.

And the third (of our final five) has finished on a humdinger.

I wanted to watch more. Carole wanted to go to bed.

Carole’s need for bed won out.

But just so we’re clear, it’s absolutely wrong for me to watch the remaining two episodes on my own while she’s sleeping isn’t it? Or not sleeping, as the case most definitely is. She’ll stay awake long enough that she could have watched them, and yet here we are not watching them.

And honestly, it’s a fricking brilliant show. I know I’ve said it in an earlier blog. But it really is. I don’t think I have been happier to chance a show on a whim – the whim in this case being that Alan Cumming is in it at some point in season 2 and it popped up on my Instagram – for a long time.

And, somehow, bingeing this overtook any need we previously held to binge episodes of Briarpatch – and we liked that too.

Although I suspect that part of the need stemmed from the fact that Carole goes weak with any glimpse of the lead actor.

Maybe that’s why she needs to go to bed two episodes from the end of the season. He’s made her weak. She’s worn herself out muttering “god, he’s beautiful” every time he’s nicely lit or whatever.

It’s wrong for me to watch the remaining episodes though. I shouldn’t do it.

I really want to do it.

There’s a danger, with things already pencilled in for tomorrow and Monday night, that we won’t see it for days. Oh, and Tuesday night. That means we might not see them until Wednesday. Wednesday! I mean, I’m not sure I could have dealt with watching this weekly. It’s definitely one I’d let the recordings build up for before I threw myself into it if I was watching it live, as it were.

I really want to see what happens next.

If I hear Carole padding about upstairs I’m going to make her put her Oodie on and come down to finish them off. I need to know how it ends. And I need to know in a way which isn’t me watching them on my own and then having Carole find out because they say “viewed” on the Sky planner.

Oh, wait though… I could watch them, delete them and then re-download them.


I shouldn’t though.

Should I?