Feb 21, 2021: An Ending To Die For

We finished season one of Prodigal Son.

HOoooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiit what an ending.

And it’s nicely carried us to nearly the end of Wandavision so that we can binge the crap out of that when it’s done.

But Prodigal Son… oh boy. It has a season two, which is great. And it’s just started being shown in America which, again, is great. And the reviews say it’s better than the first season. Which is great.

But it doesn’t come over here for ages.

Which is not great. Not great at all. In the slightest. It’s the worst thing ever, in fact. There’s no doubt in my mind that had we had access to season 2 – and yes we could do naughty things on the internet to get it but no thanks – we’d have been straight into it because the ending was absolutely, without a doubt, one of the most jaw-dropping endings of something in a long time. And I say that as someone who lived through the cliffhanger of Fox Mulder going into a train car full of alien bodies shortly before it erupted in flame at the end of the second season of the X-Files. So I know my cliffhangers.

It’s funny, because now we’ve finished it I am genuinely missing watching it. And we only finished it about six hours ago. I think we’ve both Googled stuff from the second season already, and watched various YouTube interview clips.

I think we’re both a bit hung up on it.

But, like I say, now it’s out of the way we can get down to WandaVision, and the Falcon and Winter Soldier (although we’ll let than run ahead for a bit too first, probably. Although as certain members of that show tickle Carole’s fancy, we’ll probably have to watch it as it’s on… can’t do that with Scarlet Witch though, can we? No…). And whatever else we fancy in the last few weeks of freedom we have before lockdowns -allegedly – start to lift in March, cutting into our different binges to which we have grown very accustomed.

But anyway, Prodigal Son is done.

Did I mention the ending? It was fricking insane.

Oh, I did?