Feb 22, 2021: The Return Of The New Old Normal

The announcements the country has been waiting for have been made.

The roadmap out of lockdown has been drawn up and released to the general public.

Carole’s probably back at work, physically in an office, in a couple of weeks. I can’t quite work out when I will be back. It’s either April or May depending on categories. I think, because Escape Rooms as smaller enclosed entertainment spaces, that it’s probably May but I’m going to work on April as an expectation for now. So things are moving.

But the announcement has made me incredibly glad I’m not on Facebook at the moment, because even with my limited exposure to the social media world, everyone banging on about what they’re going to do on June 21st is properly getting on my tits already.

June 21st is when all restrictions are lifted. Social distancing is off the table, everything’s opened and back to normal. All adults in the country won’t be vaccinated until the end of July, but June 21st is when we get back to the old normal and lose all the good stuff of the new normal. And, undoubtedly, the day in which A&E departments across the land are back to their old levels filled with drunk people who have fallen off stuff instead of the steady stream of small boys with their heads stuck in pans that they’ve dealt with for the past year.

I think that’s the saddest thing, in all honesty, for me. The loss of the things in the new normal that have been really nice like, you know, not having to see people or not having to answer your door for deliveries until the person doing the delivering has fucked off. I’ve really liked that. I’ve liked shouting thank you to a departing white van instead of having to confirm my name and whatever other bollocks I’ve had to do in the past when getting a delivery which, you have to assume, was completely superfluous to the whole thing as it’s been quite easily dropped like it’s hot in the face of a pandemic.

And, as well, I just want to be at home long enough for all my pandemic delayed Kickstarter projects to be delivered. A couple are due in the next month or so, one of which has a couple of other bits due after that. Being in and knowing that you’d be in for deliveries has been brilliant. I’ve loved it.

But, equally, I’d love to get back to work – back to remembering all the codes for things that I’ve forgotten (kind of) over the past three or four months. Back to making people scream and cry and wet themselves. Back to laughing and joking with people who don’t laugh and joke back. All that stuff. I really look forward to it. In April or May, whichever.

As long as my deliveries have come…