Feb 23, 2021: Opening Soon

So, in an exciting development from yesterday, it’s pretty much May 17th when we’re back at work at Riddle. Which is three days before my birthday, which I never work on thanks very much.

So what that looks like, in laymen’s terms, is that I’ve had to go online and request the 20th of May off work, having spent over twelve months, on and off, at home anyway.

I feel kind of cheeky doing it, but that’s the way the birthday cake crumbles isn’t it, I guess.

As yet, I still don’t know which – if any – of my co-workers are coming back. I don’t know if anyone’s had enough and sacked it off now, having found something else during the lockdown(s) or whether it’s still going to be the four of us back to the grindstone and – hopefully – getting to experience some decent days where we’re all in and all working all day. It’s been so long since something like that happened that I can barely remember what the feeling is like.

Every now and again I like to give myself a quick mental test to see if I can still remember all the lock codes which I had newly nestled into my mind in the July-November window of opening. Or the code for the door to the building for that matter. I used to pride myself on knowing all the codes in the rooms without having to refer to cheat sheets or anything like that, and yet with so long away from the fold I wonder if I can actually remember any of them, or where anything goes. Or how to set anything up. Or anything, really.

I am really looking forward to getting back, for those three days before I’m off again. I know that I will start to piss and moan about it not long afterwards, about how hard it is to plan anything around people with no concept of pre-booking and stuff like that, but I am looking forward to getting back.

I mean, given that we’re at the late end of opening up and everything, we are either the most likely to open or the most likely to remain shut depending on the shit show of the preceding two months, once all the germ-encrusted children are allowed to run wild and what-have-you in the next few weeks.

But hopefully everything will be fine, all will be okay and we’ll have people turning up to play instead of a few cautious gamers interspersed with a lot of dead space. And once we open we only have a month until the day that the country completely loses its shit and gets ridiculous with everything.

I might book that day off as well, because it’s going to be awful – like a Christmas Eve on crack. But hey, at least once we get to that point everyone can stop banging on about all the things they’re going to do. That’s all I want now. Just a rest from all that bullshit.

Only three and a half months to go…