Feb 25, 2021: It Takes A Villager

In my case, I needed the spinner. And the shepherd, but someone had that already and I had a card that would allow me to steal it if everything went my way. And then I’d have had 24 more points to rejoice with.

Obviously, though, things did not go my way.

Last week, our first game of Villagers went on for ages – there were a lot of rounds, we revisited the cards on many an occasion. This week we were relentless in our card pulling ways – I got up to five cards every turn quite quicky, and others were the same or close to that total too.

Which is great.

But it means you burn through the available cards very quickly.

So you reach mid-game scoring quite quickly as well. And you don’t have much to score when you get there because you’d mentally set yourself up for a long game and all your plans crumbled to nothingness as more and more cards went. Not to mention the fact that the situation also meant you could only play two cards at any one time so you had a hand full of cards – full of promise and hope – and then the game ended and…

I didn’t come last.

Daniel came last. It was a Christmas miracle. I beat Daniel. So, in a way, I did win. We all did. We were all winners. But, according to the scoreboard, I was third. Carole second. Nik first. Daniel last. Did I mention that? I don’t know if I did. But he was last. Very much so. Like not even by a couple of points. There was a chasm between fourth place and the rest of us.

Ho ho ho.

And then we played The Crew which is a game of trumps and no communication. It’s cooperative, which already rules out Daniel liking it because he can’t win (although he did make a point of declaring every time he “won” the hand being played) and he’s quite snarky in co-op games because anyone can derail his path to victory (and by anyone I mean me, primarily) and he doesn’t like that. We didn’t do so well at The Crew – of the forty missions of space exploration, I think we managed four of them which – basically – meant we didn’t even leave basic training.

I don’t think we’re cut out for space exploration…