Feb 26, 2021: SpoilerVision

There came a point when it became impossible to save up WandaVision to watch in one glorious Marvel-filled binge fest.

That point came in 1983 when the internet was invented.

Over the past eight weeks it has been a constant battle to dodge any articles, tweets, Instagram posts and whatever else there is out there which can spoil something for someone who doesn’t want something spoiled. For that past couple of weeks I have had that song – you know, that song from that episode – in my head as a huge spoiler (but also not a spoiler because I had worked a bit of who was who out from way before the show came out) so it couldn’t go on any longer.

Not with the battle royale season finale coming. And a cameo, maybe. Possibly. Who knows? Can’t risk it. Couldn’t risk it. Because it would go from a “Cameo? Who knows?” to “Cameo? Who kno… oh, I do because it’s all over the fricking internet” in double-quick time .

So we started.

And we did eight episodes in no time. Five the other night, three tonight.

And there’s one left.


And we have to wait a week for it. I wanted to hold out until the end of the series and watch it all. Just sit and watch it all unfold with no waiting and…

Because the internet has ruined bingeing good things.

I bet Tim Berners-Lee never thought, way back when, that his idea of setting up a world wide web would not only revolutionise the way we share and gather information, but also be a hotbed of memes about an episode of a TV show that only just came out like fifteen minutes ago and already the world is awash with them. Or YouTube videos, each one out-doing the next, with lists of easter eggs that you absolutely didn’t see in each episode – you didn’t see 87 easter eggs, you didn’t see 93 easter eggs, you couldn’t see the actual show for easter eggs. All of these things.

I mean it’s great. Fandom is great. It is. I love it.

I’d just like to be able to avoid it a little bit more, so that I can get as giddy about things as they did when they posted the thing that I then saw when I didn’t want to see it.

Apart from that song. You know, that song.

That song was awesome.