Mar 2, 2021: Tipping Point

We took some things to the tip today, emptying out the shed of all the things we’ve stashed in the shed hoping that the shed fairies will take care of them.

Having a new car, with a larger boot is magnificent for going to the tip, it turns out. But now amounts of stuff that would have filled our old car just rattle around in the new one, barely taking up any space. But then there’s also the thing where we really don’t want to put anything dirty in the car because it’s still lovely and clean at the moment and we care about it – the old one was the opposite. In fact, before we traded it in and I was taking stuff (mainly coats and hundreds of pairs of shoes) out of it, I also removed a branch which had been in there since a prior tip trip and we’d never done anything about it.

You won’t get that sort of nonsense with this new car.

We’ll be cleaning everything before it goes in there. There’s a piece of downpipe in the shed left over from the absolute abomination of a con-job bathroom fitting. It’s been there for ages. It’s filthy. It needs throwing away. It has, as yet, not been thrown away. It can’t be thrown away until we have enough stuff – which we probably do in the loft – to nestle the filthy pipe away from any of the car’s interior furnishings.

I’m fairly sure, even without asking, that we will never been doing any kind of garden waste run. Everything we throw away will be bagged and boxed and cleaner, potentially, when it’s binned than when it first came into our lives. Such is the power of the car.

It wasn’t even a ball-ache to sit outside the tip for nearly three-quarters of an hour either. And even if I’d thought it was, I certainly couldn’t say anything as Carole spent quite a long time outside it yesterday afternoon, only for them to close the gates when she was about four cars from the front of the queue and – let me tell you – she was not a happy bunny about that. At all.

And that was only partly because the rubbish we’d loaded the car up with was some of the best travelled in the world. We filled (or would have filled if it was the old car) the car in the morning and then come the afternoon, Carole got itchy feet and needed to go and look for plants for the garden. With a car full of crap she tried to drop off at the tip several times before her fateful turning away after which she came home angry and everything was super fun.

No board games today, though.

The tip was excitement enough!