Mar 3, 2021: More Games, More Wins?

A double header of gaming today, almost taking us back to the game-a-day plan from the start of the week.

We started with Isle Of Cats which we have brought out of the digital world and into the physical realm by actually buying a copy. And this, initially, is what we learnt. It’s great as a physical version because the tiles don’t fit together very well on the digital one, and you end up having to pick up pieces and try and adjust pixel wide overlaps to get things to lay flat.

BUT you don’t have to get all the pieces out and faff around with it all in a digital game, and that’s quite good.

Still we loved playing it. I’d have loved it more if I’d won. I genuinely thought I might have snuck in and done it as I had a good selection of bonus cards up my sleeve (or, more correctly, laid out on the table in front of me). But, and here’s the kicker, while I was doing that Carole was casually using chaos to lay cats in her boat and built up a family of eight yellow cats. My largest family was five, I think, and I’d laid all my tiles neatly and beautifully tessellated, because I could with it being real and not digital. And because of that I lost.

Part of the game comes from filling up rooms on a ship, with cats. The neat approach, while great, means you cover up more squares – probably – but less rooms – definitely. Carole cunningly bypassed the hallway room, the large space which runs around every room, using it as a crossing point to access other rooms and fill those up. All the gaps she’d left drove me mad from a neatness point of view, but she bloody smashed it when it came to putting cats in rooms. My neatness was my undoing. That’s what I’m going with. My neatness and, if I’m honest, the placement – and colour choice – of my first cat was my undoing. I was so busy thinking I could that I didn’t, as they say, stop to think if I should. And I shouldn’t. Definitely. It cost me the game. Simple as that. Bastard cat.

Then we moved on to Tiny Towns. A glorious little game of cube drafting and building building. And, as seemingly thematic for this week so far, it involved fitting things onto a grid.

Tiny Towns is one of those games where you think you know what you’re doing and then you put one cube in the wrong place and fuck everything up. I did it once, and lost. Carole did it once and lost. The worst part about it is that you don’t realise your cube is in the wrong place when you put it down. You could make adjustments then, usually. You can adapt your plan. Build something else that would fit what you have available, centred on that cube. No, you realise way down the line when you’re two or three cubes into a construction, that what you’re doing is absolute unadulterated horseshit. But you can’t do anything except cry and scream about it. Or silently whimper. That’s what I did. I pretended nothing was wrong whereas everything was wrong. I also had a swanky card which allowed me to build the same buildings as my opponent, if she chose to build them, for free. She didn’t choose to build them. But did choose to build the other ones I hadn’t picked but absolutely meant to.

It did not go well.

I managed to squeeze one win out of the three games we played today. That’s not particularly good, to be honest. I wanted to play Die Hard as well, because it’s my turn to be John McClane and he’s obviously gonna win (and by extension, so would I), but we ran out of time.


Who can say?