Mar 4, 2021: To Boldly Go “Hello Cutie Pie”

Our current binge show is Star Trek Discovery, which has its nay-sayers and its yay-sayers. I like it. I haven’t had a problem with it at all. I probably could if I looked hard enough, but I can’t be arsed with all that crap, and the pressures of having to post all about it on the internet and complain about how fans have been cheated or blah blah blah whatever.

So we’re watching Discovery from the start. I’ve seen the first two seasons, but I’m enjoying them all over again through the eyes of Carole who is watching but working things out as she goes. “She’s a bitch,” she says of Detmer. Something to do with her eyebrows. Possibly that, from episode 3 onwards, she only has the one. I don’t know. She’s a bitch though. We’ve also had a lot of branding people evil. Or that there’s more to people than is being let on. Quite astutely, too. She picked up on stuff that I didn’t pick up on when I watched it. Whereas I’m watching it now, the second time round, hearing them say things or seeing them do things and in my head I’m screaming about how obvious it was or how beautifully a throwaway line had more meaning further down the road.

I’m enjoying it.

I’m enjoying Carole’s reactions to things happening. When the thing happened in season one, you know the thing in sickbay, she shot forward to the edge of her seat. It was a beautiful thing to watch happen, to be honest. If I wasn’t genuinely enjoying rewatching it, I’d still be enjoying Carole’s occasional freak-outs.

When we made it to Season 2, Captain Pike came along. A fifty minute, ish, episode starting with Carole deciding she didn’t like Captain Pike at all, and that mood shifting somewhere towards not long afterwards when he starts making with the funnies.

But all that is as nothing to her setting back the march of feminism. She keeps saying she really enjoys the female-heavy cast. The bridge is very female heavy compared to earlier (but chronologically later) Treks where they banished the women off to be short skirt wearers in the original series and just those two parts in TNG once they killed off Tasha Yarr with the tar monster thing.

Also, one of the women is Tilly and she’s an absolute fricking legend.

Carole, however, is lamenting the lack of eye candy on her part. There’s no-one. There have been people. But they’ve gone. They’ve left her.

She is without the occular stimulation of a nice hottie, as she likes to call them.