Mar 5, 2021: Early To Rise

We took the most effective way of avoiding any and all WandaVision spoilers today by getting up and watching the episode just after it appeared on Disney +. That way no amount of internet looking could have ruined what I saw, would see, would think I see or just wouldn’t understand without a page of 87 easter eggs.

Oh, it was Carole’s birthday as well. So we got up early because she normally awakens at the crack of dawn, and she can’t leave a present wrapped that girl.

I overdid her present haul, I think. I went above and beyond what I should have done because, in all honestly, she’s had a shit few months with one thing and another and she’s easily buoyed by material things. So I showered her in them. Her Oodie. Some books. Some board games. A roast dinner. A chocolate cola cake.

All the things.

And two escape rooms.

Which we were terrible at. We are so out of practice.

We played a couple of rooms which have used a system to digitise their actual physical rooms and make them into a digital experience. And they worked really well. Except on one of them we were stuck for ages because we didn’t click on the entirely right part of the screen to access a puzzle – something a few others in the reviews mentioned, when we read them afterwards – and we were incredibly stubborn when it came to getting hints. In the other one, we found the code and just didn’t use it. We tried something that was code-adjacent. And then didn’t use the actual code. Or maybe we did but we missed the lock to use it on – it’s not quite the same, seeing a digital picture of a lock compared to touching a real lock when it comes to remembering their existence.

But we have fun. A lot of fun, actually.

I’ve been hunting out some more games in the same style to try and play. I don’t want to play the ones where you control an avatar because you’re restricted to certain times and time limits, and because distance play just isnt’ the same as in-person play however you slice it. I much prefer ones where I can take my time – not because it’s hard or whatever, but because it’s a different experience that physically holding, touching and seeing things and you don’t always connect the dots straight away in digital form. And I prefer not to rush that. I also enjoy getting my money’s worth. Hahaha.

I’ve found a few more we can dabble with. A few out-of-country ones too, because it makes sense to play ones we’re a lot less likely to experience in the flesh. I just worry we need to get them done sooner rather than later because they’ll start to disappear once the pandemic blows over and things reopen. Even though, from an income stream point of view, they’ll probably still in players I’m sure many an escape room would rather an in-person team payed the in-person prices.

But anyway, we escaped both rooms we did. We quite fancy trying the third one. And one that I found in a foreign clime too.

Whether we’ll get the time or not, as Carole has an OU essay looming over her, it’s hard to say.

Well, that and Discovery to continue.

But WandaVision’s finished, at least. And it was awesome.

Almost as awesome as me, doing all the lovely things for Carole.

It’s a good day. Even if we’re failing miserably at this game-a-day thing we planned.